Guam - While the Guam Memorial Hospital is struggling with the lack of supplies, Senator Dennis Rodriguez met with the GMH Volunteers Association, which has offered Guam's only public hospital some help. "They've been there since 1965," said the freshman Democrat  policymaker.

"They've been here since 1965. They've been raising money and they're ready and able to assist in supplies that we've been short of and all we need to do is seek them out. Also, we are trying to get the community to - don't wait for their charity ball. They can accept donations now."

In the meantime, Volunteers Association President Loulou Duenas says the purpose of the group is to assist the hospital with services and enhance and improve patient care. The association holds its annual charity ball in April where those funds go to purchasing equipment for GMH. Duenas says they're also accepting monetary donations or supplies.

The Association is currently in the process of working with the lab to donate platelet kits, with Duenas saying, "We've assisted in needs for instance, we have a list of things that the hospital needs like infant diaper, suction canisters. We're trying to get our monies together so we can provide those things for the hospital."