Guam - As a visit from the top officials of the Navy nears, Guam officials are moving forward in forming a commission to deal with relations between the federal and local governments. Robert Work, Undersecretary of the Navy will be here this week to continue talks with local officials regarding the impending military buildup.

Accompanying work is Jackayne Pfannenstiel, Assistant Secretary to the Navy, as well as five other high ranging federal government officials. They will, according to a press release from the Joint Guam Program Office, discuss with local leaders the next steps for moving forward with the transition of forces from Okinawa to Guam.

Meanwhile, the Calvo Administration is moving forward with forming the Guam First Commission to deal with the build up and other issues with the federal government. Governor Eddie Calvo's chief policy advisor, Arthur Clark, sent a letter to the speaker this morning, of which he said, "Requesting her nominee for the person she is supposed to appoint from this point forward there should be letters going out to the minority as well as the majors consul."

Letters were also sent to the chief justice and other parties who are supposed to designate members to the Guam First Commission.

Senator Rory Respicio and other lawmakers were hoping to have the Commission in place before this weeks visit from the military. But Clark today says all appointments will be made in the next two to three weeks.

Meanwhile, the Programmatic Agreement is surely to be a topic of discussion between local and federal officials during their visit. Senator Judi Guthertz has formally requested   Governor Calvo not sign the Programmatic Agreement because it could potentially have an impact on litigation filed in Hawaii regarding Pagat.

Governor's press secretary Phil Leon Guerrero told KUAM News, " "Governor Calvo takes Senator Guthertz's comments and suggestions definitely to heart one of the reasons he asked for more time to review the PA and ultimately the DoD granted that extension was so that he could do proper and thorough review of this very technical document. That's what is being done right now its currently underway with our legal team and other experts and ultimately like Governor Calvo said if he feels the document is not in best interest of people he will not sign it."

The Navy for its part has expressed a desire to work through some of the issues that have stalled the signing of PA. Undersecretary Work says the Navy intends to be a good neighbor and partner with the people of Guam throughout the process. These discussions are essential for making that happen.



Adeup writes the following: Governor Eddie Baza Calvo is ready to empanel the Guam First Commission. He will be appointing four members to the commission.

In the meantime, he is asking the other leaders and groups responsible for making appointments to the commission, in accordance with the law, to submit their appointments. The law requires:

  • The Legislature to appoint four members
  • The Mayors Council to appoint one member
  • The Chief Justice to appoint one member
  • The Guam Youth Congress to appoint one member
  • Fuetsan Famalao'an to appoint one member
  • The Administrator of the Guam Economic Development Authority to appoint one member
  • The General Manager of the Guam Visitors Bureau to appoint one member