Guam - Girl Scouts on Guam are breaking records and making history! They managed to set a new record of selling 62,148 boxes of the tasty treats. The Girl Scouts held a press conference this morning thanking corporate sponsors, Cost-U-Less, Angoco's Trucking, Dickerson & Quinn and Horizon Lines, which helped bring the cookies to Guam for all to enjoy. 

The girls not only proved they are great sales people, but they learned life skills along the way. "The life skill I have learned from the program is goal setting and decision making. Each year we learn how to set goals together within our troops," proudly said Kaitlyn McCormick.  And Brianna Tainatongo added, "These experiences help us develop healthy relationships and conflict resolution skills that we can use throughout our lives."

If you didn't get a chance to pre-order cookies, don't fret.  The Girl Scouts will be selling their famous cookies during the last weekend of the month at various locations including Cost-U-Less in Tamuning and Harmon, Kmart and all commissaries on base.