Guam - With education being a top priority for the Calvo/Tenorio Administration, the new chief education advisor for the governor is hoping for better communication between all educational institutions. Vince Leon Guerrero is the special assistant and chief education advisor for the governor.

Since taking on the position, Leon Guerrero has been meeting with the Department of Education, the Guam Community College and the University of Guam to clarify his role in helping these educational institutions. "It is to provide administrative support to the institutions (the heads of their institutions) who have their own governing board and to see how we can provide the support here at the Governor's Office as they run into issues that need intervention," he told KUAM News.

His biggest priority is addressing the issue of cash releases and allotments for GCC, UOG and DOE. He says he's been scheduling meetings to get a feel of the current situations, more notably the issue with American Reinvestment and Recovery Act grants at DOE. "We're working on trying to identify the issues. Today we met with the attorney general. We're meting with DOE to specifically talk about the financial needs in the ARRA grants," he continued.

Leon Guerrero also met with the Attorney General's Office on the issue, which has the U.S. Department of Education concerned about whether DOE will be able to meet timelines to spend and obligate federal dollars. "Some of the thing is that if the AG has additional attorneys, that will help to expedite the review processes. There are other solutions that are being thought about. It's on the table and everyone is going to look at it together and I believe that they will be making the determination to what works best," Leon Guerrero noted.

Governor Eddie Calvo is expected to attend a National Governor's Association meeting next month. Leon Guerrero says the outcome of that meeting will help them map out an aggressive education agenda for Guam.