Guam - Public Health Director Linda Unpingco-Denorcey confirms that Catholic Social Services will receive more than $134,000 on Friday for adult daycare and case management services. Additionally, the Alee Shelter will receive $47,000 while Guma San Jose will receive $45,000.

While she recognizes that it's not the full amount of what is owed to the non-profit organizations, she says, "As far as getting our vendors paid, that is going to be our continuous priority so that everyone continues the services and everyone does their job in terms of getting the service we need for the community."

She added, "We have been collaboratively working with DOA; they've been doing their part and I really pushed hard to get this thing paid and we are definitely going to get them some money tomorrow and we'll continue it's not the end of everything."

Unpingco-Denorcey adds she is trying to streamline the payment process to ensure vendors are getting some sort of payment rather than nothing at all.