Guam - There's a new sheriff in town, and while he's not yet confirmed, chief of police nominee Captain Fred Bordallo intends to right some of the wrongs of the past.  At Bordallo's request, a memorandum was issued today by Acting Police Commander Major Ric Leon Guerrero restoring officers and reservists to their full police duties. 

Four officers were stripped of their guns and badges and demoted to civilian status while reservists had their guns taken away and were only allowed to perform administrative duties as Leon Guerrero, while the top brass, said the officers had to re-take polygraph and psychological evaluations.

Bordallo says the officers and reservists have been restored. "The basis of that is they swore an oath from an agency director that they would serve and protect the community of Guam and the previous actions of subjecting them to pre-qualifications resulted in civil litigation, grievances and complaints at the civil service commission. I believe with this memo being disseminated that they'll be restored back to full police duties," he said.  

Bordallo says he will work with Attorney General Lenny Rapadas on the pre-qualifications issue.  He also intends to improve morale by increasing communication and respect within the Guam Police Department.