Guam - GW wrestler Chanel Cruz sacrificed a lot through out this year's wrestling season, quitting her job and training 6 days a week. The first year wrestler decided to challenge herself her senior year and helped the Gecko's capture 4 gold medals at the all island meet.

She said, "I wanted to join sports and I thought wrestling would be really fun since this was the first year for the girl's G.W team. When I joined I was kind of scared and stuff but I got really close to my teammates. I love them and they helped me, they pushed me and made me really good and we had a lot fun so it was a really good experience.

Cruz wrestled at 119- pounds and lost only once in the regular season saying that the experience was worth the sacrifice and plans on staying dedicated to the sport."

She added, "I learned a lot of stuff and it's really fun and it helped make me stronger and made me eat healthy and gain muscle on my body. All of this came down to the all island that we had to practice for and when all-island came I did my best and I gave 110 percent and I got the achievement I wanted."

With more female wrestlers joining this year's season than previous ones, Chanel thanked her coaches and teammates for keeping her focused and motivated through the year.

"I encourage the girls to come take part in the sport because you do get recognized and you do get healthy and get in shape and you get to meet a lot of people," she said humbly. "There are also great achievements towards this and you can also get to go off island, which is a good experience. You can be whoever you want to be, you don't have to be pretty and all high class and stuff you can just be a mixture of everything and you'll become a better person."