Guam - Committee on Public Safety Oversight Chair Senator Adolpho Palacios says he will move to override on the governor's veto of Bill 466. The measure does away with the unclassified deputy police chief position and requires that an individual appointed to the chief of police position not be allowed to sit in that position until confirmed by the Legislature. 

Governor Felix Camacho yesterday stated that the measure will result in a delayed supervision of the line agency and may be contrary to the Organic Act. The governor also states that GovGuam needs to prioritize its resources rather than eliminate it. 

But Palacios feels deputy positions government wide is a waste of funds, saying, "There's already a bill introduced that would do away with all deputy directors position and I support that because that's just an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy that stifles more than facilitates the progress in any department and its unnecessary expenses."

Palacios argues that the bill is also needed to prevent an individual from spending a short term in the top brass position and have access to sensitive information.