Guam - Discussions on the military buildup have been put on hold temporarily. Guam Buildup Office Director Paul Shintaku says local and federal officials agreed that any discussions on the Marines relocation to Guam should be delayed until the new administration is in place.

While issues surrounding the use of Pagat for a live firing range and the Programmatic Agreement still need to be dealt with, Shintaku says another issue of concern is consolidating buildup projects. "If they resolve the issues on the project list and they satisfy that they have adequately studied each of the projects sites, I think that can be worked out. But until that's satisfied I think there still be problems that need to be worked out," Shintaku told KUAM News.

The buildup director says the government will not sign the PA until that happens.  In the meantime, the Civil Military Coordination Council has also postponed their meetings until the Calvo-Tenorio administration selects agency heads.