Guam - More than $10,000 worth of products were stolen from the Mini-Camachile Tree Store and Sokel Industries in Yona during a break-in that occurred between late last night and early this morning. Sokel owner Kelly Taimanglo says someone broke into his store and then gained entry into the Mini-Camachile Store. 

Based on what was stolen from the two businesses, Taimanglo believes the person responsible was someone who was familiar with the stores as some expensive items, like computers and other merchandise were left untouched.  "They stole phone cards. They stole cigarettes and cases of beer. Now the person who was behind this obviously knew our setup and our system here because they directly went straight for the products they knew where they are," said Taimanglo.

Taimanglo says 40 cases of beer were stolen from the back warehouse. Anyone with information about the break in is asked to contact police at 472-8911 or Guam Crimestoppers at 477-HELP (4357).