Guam - Parents at F.B. Leon Guerrero Middle School will receive an update this week from the school administration and superintendent Dr. Nerissa Bretania Underwood regarding issues of bullying and violence at the northern school. After oversight hearings were held at the Guam Legislature to address these problems, the superintendent has since removed principal Ulric Mark and assistant principal Milaflor Quitugua and has create an education response team to make assessments.

In the meantime, parents like Mae Quidachay are hoping for some type of resolution. "We need to know focus on the positive side and trust Miss Erica Cruz in handling the cases that are happening now. And work together to unite the situation and become more stronger in fixing the problems instead of constantly badgering the children or tormenting them," she said.

And fellow parent and Bernice Borja added, "I've taken tabs on the actions taken some of which were positive and some which were negative. To me in my opinion they're not focusing on the problem at FBLG with the parents who went to the oversight (hearing). It was all blown out of proportion and not focusing on aspects we spoke about at the oversight."

In the meantime a Parent-Teacher Organization meeting will be held on Monday at the Yigo middle school.