by Michele Catahay

Guam - The family of Nathan Paet family released a statement on the death of the U.S. Air Force staff sergeant. "The Paet Family appreciates the continuing support in light of the recent developments of Michelle's involvement. We are devastated that she had the audacity and immorality to take such a wonderful man from his family and friends. All who knew him even if they only met him once loved Nate. He was a remarkable Father, brother, son, and friend. He will be deeply missed," wrote Veronica Paet, Nathan's sister-in-law, on behalf of his family.

"The Paets now have some closure knowing who is responsible for killing Nate.  The focus now is on Nate's children and making sure we do everything in our power to help them live normal and happy lives. A special Thank you to the U.S. Air Force and the Las Vegas Homicide investigators for your support and hard work."

The statement comes a day after Nathan's wife Michelle was found to be involved in her husband's murder, which took place on December 1. CBS affiliate 8NewsNow reports that Michelle  appeared via videoconference along with Michael Rudolph Rodriguez, Corry A. Hawkins and Jessica Austin. All are charged with murder and conspiracy as it's alleged that they plotted Nathan's murder for $650,000 in insurance money that Michelle stood to gain upon her husband's death.  She remains on suicide watch.

During today's hearing the District Attorney's Office in Nevada says it may seek the death penalty in this case. A preliminary hearing for the suspects has been scheduled for December 23.