Guam - Las Vegas police confirm with KUAM News that Michelle Paet was arrested today in connection with her husband's death Air Force Staff Sergeant Nathan Paet, originally from Guam.  Nathan was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base.  Las Vegas police have not released any other information at this time about her arrest.

According to the arrest report, Michelle Paet initally told police that her husband overslept for work that night and was rushing to get to work the night he was murdered. Michelle later admitted to flirting with other men at her workplace and mentioned flriting with Michael Rudolph Rodriguez, who has already been arrested for her husband's murder.  The arrest report details coded text messages to Rodriguez minutes before her husband left their home for work when he was shot multiple times.

Detectives confirmed that Michelle Paet stood to receive $400,000 from the military and $250,00 from a separate life insurance policy. When Rodriguez was interviewed by police, he said his alibi was that he was sleeping with an ex-porn star at the Sunset Station Hotel and Casino. Police interviewed that woman who detailed an on-going plan to kill Nathan, identifying Rodriguez, Corry Hawkins, and Jessica Austin as being involved in that plot. The unidentified woman also told police that Michelle was involved in the planning as well and suspected that she was romantically involved with Rodriguez. 

The woman went on to tell detectives about the night of the murder as Rodriguez and Hawkins left to commit a robbery and later returned and burned their clothing. She said Rodriguez admitted to shooting the victim and getting rid of the cellular phones. Two days ago, Michelle Paet admitted to police that she had planned the murder of her husband with Rodriguez, who she was romantically involved with.

The discussions to "get rid" of Nathan Paet began as early as October of this year to obtain his insurance money.  The arrest report stated, "On the night of the murder she was aware Rodriguez and possibly another suspect were waiting for Nathan to open the garage door and come out to his vehicle.  Nathan was late coming out of the house and Rodriguez began texting Michelle at 2312 hours in coded language.  She stated her two texts to Rodriguez were coded as well to let him know that her husband would be late leaving the house. 

Michelle stated there were several different plans discussed between her and Rodriguez as to the details of how Paet would be killed.  One of the plans included the use of a large car cover.  Paet was supposed to be shot inside his Chevy Tahoe and the vehicle taken to an apartment complex by Rodriguez where it would be abandoned and covered with the car cover to conceal the presence of a body."  The plan fell through. 

Rodriguez, Hawkins, Austin and Michelle Paet are being held without bail at the Clark County Detention Center.

Michelle Paet was charged with murder with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit burglary. Nevada police have also indicated that a suicide watch has been launched for her.