Guam - A reconvened meeting of the Guam Election Commission's board of directors kicked off at 4 Tuesday afternoon. Executive Director John Blas gave members a rundown on the latest with the agency's request for proposals for office space - three bids were opened yesterday, only two met all the requirement and they are still being evaluated by the General Services Agency.  Blas also discussed his most recent correspondence with on-site ballot machine tech Bill McCullough, who wrote that the stray ballots identified had no bearing on the gubernatorial race as they were ballots for the other races.

Blas also gave members copies of a letter from Democrat Party of Guam member Carlo Branch to the Attorney General of Guam and the U.S. Attorney's Office calling on an investigation into whether 19 individuals were able to vote in both the Guam election and the CNMI election. It should be noted that both elections took place on the same day.

Legal counsel Cesar Cabot also clarified that the Certificates of Election are the evidence of a candidates right to hold office. But the actual board action is the certification and that took place on the 6th. The board also moved to allow all board members, even ones that were not present at the certification to sign the Certificates of Election.

The board's subcommittee tasked with reviewing complaints then resumed their presentation on the 46 complaints the GEC's received since the November 2, some of which address allegations in the pending lawsuits against the GEC by the Democrat Party. For example, during the investigation into a complaint regarding an individual who entered a precinct and demanded that his 10-year-old daughter be allowed to vote, it was determined that the man had in fact intimidated precinct officials and, upon the recommendation of Election Commission staff.

Officials provided the girl with a provisional ballot and let her fill it out but did not cast it.

Regarding a complainant who allegedly witnessed a bribe, the individual could not identify who had made the offer nor who the offer was being made to, nor did the individual witness any money change hands but this issue will be forwarded to the AG's Office and anyone who may have been involved is encouraged to come forward. Before closing for executive session, all the Certificates of Election were signed by all members present except for Josh Tenorio. Members who signed were Robert Cruz, Martha Ruth, Joe Mesa and John Taitano.

Not present were John Terlaje and Alice Taijeron.