Guam - An investigation continues into the act of public officials resigning for a day in order to collect leave pay. Ways and Means chairman Senator Ben Pangelinan says a report from the Public Auditor, which he requested, is due any day now.

KUAM News first reported on the practice by Government of Guam employees resigning and collecting large sums of leave pay. Subsequently the Attorney General's Office issued an opinion that Public Health director J. Peter Roberto would need to be re-confirmed after resigning for a day and collecting nearly $9,000 in leave pay. Pangelinan questioned the practice, saying it could likely be costing the government money that had not been budgeted for.

Pangelinan says once the report from the public auditor is in. He will work to make sure the practice is not abused.  "I think what we would do is define how this is to be treated when it is to occur maybe change how its paid out the law that says it has to be repaid if you return under a certain time gets clarified not just for total resignation but for a break in service things like that," he said.

Pangelinan says it may be decided that the practice is a good thing and could help people out, but it must be budgeted for and equally available to GovGuam employees. According to the Department of Administration since 1992, 346 GovGuam employees have resigned for a day in order to collect leave pay.