Guam - For two weeks now, employees and clients at the Department of Public Health have been enduring muggy conditions. But it's not the weather - it's their office. 

In a windowless office on the second-floor of the Department of Public Health in Mangilao, employees and clients alike have been feeling the heat.  For two weeks now, only one of three of the air conditioning units in the foods stamps office has been working.  According to Public Health Director Peter Roberto, the holdup was in assessing just what the problem was, saying they need to "assess whether this is a complete overhaul thing that they have to purchase a brand new 10-ton unit and I guess working with the contractor and getting the assessment completed."

While employees were able to borrow fans from the Division of Environmental Health, for some the heat was still unbearable and at least two employees got so sick from the heat they had to leave early. 

Meanwhile, Roberto says the department wanted to avoid buying brand new units with an assessment of the whole system planned for January or February. "Which will do a comprehensive overhaul in our air conditioning ducts and or air conditioning systems to put a brand new system in place so it's going to be a complete overhaul and that's going to address many of the high end costs especially with energy," Roberto said.

In the meantime, employees and customers alike are hopeful the repairs will be done in time for the rush expected at the first of the month.  Even today residents endured wait times of up to two hours in the office's muggy waiting room, like Chrisler Mathew, who told KUAM News, "It's just tiring. I want to go home already."