Guam - The Guam Education Policy Board is schedule to meet this evening, during which time board member Mary Gutierrez has asked the chairman to discuss personnel issues regarding the Department of Education's management team during executive session. Gutierrez says she was shocked to hear from the media this morning that the Jose Rios Middle School principal has been suddenly taken out of her position to fix another school.

"As a board member," Gutierrez said, "the board should've been given the courtesy to be informed before the decision is made. Yes, the superintendent has the prerogative for appointing, but we board members don't want to hear it from the media. That call from the parents and students and the teachers; it caught me off guard. I cannot say anything."

Gutierrez says she would like to also hear what DOE plans on doing to fix the situation at FB Leon Guerrero Middle School in Yigo. The meeting will be held at Jose Rios M.S. in Piti.