Guam - The Guam Volleyball Federation is holding a series of beach volleyball qualifiers for the upcoming Pacific Games. Players from around the island met up at the PIC courts for a chance at picking up some points in their attempts at making the team.

Guam Volleyball Association vice president Jon Cramer told KUAM Sports, "We are here having our first qualifier for the men's beach volleyball qualification process to New Caledonia next year, the Pacific Games. We have 6 qualifiers and this is the first one. We will have 1 in December 2 in January and 2 more in February. 6 teams turned out today and we have some great competition and players are welcomed to come and play in any of the qualifiers whether you're eligible or not.

"We are trying to keep the competition level high and people that are eligible earn points toward qualifying for New Caledonia. The first women's qualifier is next week right here next Saturday the 27th at 9:00 am here at PIC."