Guam - The Guam Environmental Protection Agency has passed its bi-annual review by its federal counterpart. USEPA Region IX Program Manager Michael Wolfram says the agency has been significant strides in the last year, especially in the financial department.

Wolfram told KUAM News, "The result was positive can tell you one year ago when we were out here the Guam EPA was having some financial difficulties; even six months ago when we were out here we had a significant deficient in the Guam EPA. The good news is the Guam EPA has turned a corner."  The agency was also recognized for reducing staff and strengthening relations with the Region IX office.

Although they've crossed a significant milestone, Guam EPA's Brad Dunnigan says they will continue efforts to increase much-needed funding as the military buildup nears.  He said, "One of the biggest concerns is we have a decreasing workforce with an increasing workload and a looming military buildup and how do we address that. Looking at that, we are identifying internal and external options that we need to exercise and possibly some acquaintances with the general fund need to be revisited to see if we can get that matching funds or some kind of assistance from the General Fund."

Dunnigan says he believes Guam EPA is on the right path and they will continue efforts to improve the agency.