Guam - The problems just keep coming for Younex, as the company attempts to build workforce housing in Ukudu.  The Guam Environmental Protection Agency issued a notice of violation to STX Construction Corporation, the firm currently building workforce housing.

A 13-page cease and desist order on any water and wastewater system work was handed down at 6pm Tuesday evening. A statement from the company states, "The work taking place at the site has been limited to that authorized under existing permits...this was confirmed by [the Department of Public Works] at a recent inspection of the facility."

Project engineer for STX Willy Flores says a stop-work order was issued because the Guam EPA disagrees with a foundation permit issued by DPW. Flores says the company does not believe the NOV justified, saying they are currently reviewing GEPA's order and will respond appropriately.

Meanwhile, the USEPA also made it clear during today's status hearing that they don't want the company to be able to hook into the island's water system until the Guam Waterworks Authority can handle the additional capacity needed for the workforce housing - something the utility agency has said is not possible at this time.