Guam - 53 Japanese high school students from the Yamagata Prefecture toured the island to learn more about the history of World War II on Guam.  President of U.S. Explore and Study, Inc. Ken Haga took the students to the Asan Bay Overlook at Nimitz Hill, a monument in the village of Agat and headed to Merizo to visit a former massacre site.

He explained, "To me it's very important to the people of Guam. Many Japanese are not familiar about WWII history on Guam. The visitors. Nobody has told them about the history of the war. That has many meanings with the war. The Chamorros sacrificed for this and many victims are there and a lot of Japanese don't know that the Japanese fought against the U.S."

He says students need to learn about the war in order to avoid history from reoccurring. The group was also treated to a fiesta prepared by the Agat Mayor's Office today.