Guam - There are only a few more weeks left in the current administration, and with the results of the Decision 2010 gubernatorial race certified, the incoming Calvo-Tenorio administration is wasting no time in preparing for the transition to Adelup. Today they announced the make up of various subcommittees. 

Professionals, civil servants, Republicans and Democrats - the list of more than 100 volunteers that make up the Calvo/Tenorio transition team was released today at a press conference at the transition headquarters in Maite.  Governor-Elect Eddie Calvo announced the creation of 11 subcommittees: community & social welfare, culture and tourism, customer service & operations, education, expansion & military buildup, finance, Guam buildup & economic development, healthcare & mental healthcare, infrastructure & natural resources, political status & external affairs, and safety.

Heading up the finance committee is Bernie Artero, who says she's ready to meet the challenge of finding ways to pay the government's bills, including the estimated $50-$60 million in obligations that wasn't budgeted for in the current fiscal year.

"That is our hope and that is our goal. We have a great team put together. I'm sure with all their expertise and experience they have behind them that we're sure to come up with a positive solution," Artero said.

Co-chairing the newly-created Customer Service Subcommittee is Henry Taitano, who says his team will start by taking a hard look at what the government can do to make sure that Guam's taxpayers are getting their money's worth. He told KUAM News, "The taxpayers are our boss in this administration, so we want to identify where the service areas are lacking, where the service gaps are and then maybe look into the different agencies in our administration and find out what we can do to enhance those services."

Heading up the Guam Buildup Subcommittee is BankPacific president and former Republican Party of Guam chairman Phil Flores.  He says he's ready to tackle the mountain of information and ideas that have been put together by stakeholders. "We're actually kind of excited to look at it. The first thing we have to do is organize ourselves and to make sure that we're able to digest all that's been done so far then come up with recommendations for the new administration," Flores added.

With a little over a month to go until they're sworn-in, the Calvo-Tenorio team hopes that completed transition reports will be ready in three weeks to prepare the incoming governor and lieutenant governor and ensure a seamless transition into the next four years.  Said Calvo himself, "We anticipate the next few weeks will be very exciting; then, of course, upon the completion of the reports of the Transition Committee, it will get us in the right direction come January.  So there will be smooth transition and forward progress for the people of Guam."

While they understand the significant challenges they face, the transition committee is optimistic that with the combined efforts of the subcommittees and the team's blueprint, the island will be headed in a new direction for a better Guam.


Community & Social Welfare
Chair - Mayor Savares
Co-chair - Dr. Juan Rapadas

Culture & Tourism

Chair - Ann Marie Arceo
Co-chair - Mike Carlson

Customer Service & Government Operations
Chair - Mike Limtiaco
Co-chair - Henry Taitano


Chair - Dr. Robert Underwood
Interim Chair - Dr. Anita Enriquez
Co-chair - Roland Taimanglo

Expansion & Military Buildup
Chair - Benny Paulino
Co-chair - Leevin Camacho 

Chair - Dan Fitzgerald
Co-chair - Bernie Artero

Guam Buildup & Economic Development
Chair - Phil Flores
Co-chair - Dr. Anita Enriquez

Healthcare & Mental Healthcare
Chair - Joe Artero Cameron
Co-chair - Pete Leon Guerrero

Infrastructure & Natural Resources

Chair - Simon Sanchez
Co-chair - Andy Laguana
Co-chair - Nick Captain

Political Status & External Affairs
Chair - Sen. Joanne Brown
Co-chair - Dr. Ansito Walter


Chair - Col. Adolf Sgambelluri
Co-chair - Ed Alvarez