Guam - The Health Committee held a brief public hearing this morning on three pieces of proposed legislation, including Bill 482, which would establish an open process in healthcare insurance negotiations for employees and retirees of the government.  Dr. Tom Shieh testified in favor of the legislation, saying it's good for discussion but said it may need some modifications.

Calvo's Selectcare plan administrator Frank Campillo meanwhile says he doesn't believe the bill will change the way the government negotiations for health insurance rates each year.  "We don't feel the bill is needed we don't feel it really adds anything to the current process of negotiating for the Government of Guam as we outlined many times before the current process of negotiating health insurance for the Government of Guam is one that brings together the most members of any other entity of the Government of Guam."

Campillo says he believes the current process provides sufficient information to the government negotiating committee.  He does recommend that the island's public sector form committees to review the impact of health reform locally.