Guam - In the first fight of PXC 21, Scotty Eclavea took to the cage against Matt Quenga. Eclavea used a dominant ground game to put Quenga on his back, time and time again. Quenga did weather the storm through out most of the fight but couldn't avoid the shoot by Eclavea. Scotty was very impressive in his first fight taking his time to set up his arm bar win in his debut.

Luis San Nicolas and Vince Nguyen had the crowd going when these two big boys stood toe to toe. Nguyen the much taller fighter was able to use his reach and land some shots. No matter what Vince threw at Luis San Nicolas he was still there saying bring it on. San Nicolas was able to start catching Nguyen when he started gassing out in the last round but Vince Nguyen landed the more effective strikes for the decision win.

Trevin Jones took on Van Hattori in his PXC debut. Jones the more athletic of the two fighters showed why from the get go. Hattori was looking to land the knock out punch but couldn't get his hands on Jones. Trevin worked all aspects of the fight game from up top to a clinic on the ground where he had the ground and pound working. Jones almost pulled off a couple of submissions but had to settle for the unanimous decision win.

Ricky Camp and Allan Guzman went heads up in the 135-pound weight class. Camp stalked Guzman for all 3 rounds landing leg kicks and jabs. Ricky was way too comfortable with his stand up while Guzman was backing up. Camp did just enough in all three rounds to earn the unanimous decision win over the veteran fighter Allan Guzman.

Ryan Toves and Scott Campostook to the cage next. Toves was able to catch Campos and draw first blood. Scott Campos answered with a flurry of punches backing Toves up against the cage, looking to put him out. Campos got the takedown and landed some staples from side control. Toves absorbed leg kicks from Campos late in the fight and managed to get his back was unable to get the submission ending the fight in a draw.

Barns Reyes was outclassed by Elliott Untalan who looked like the more complete fighter. Untalan was calm on his feet picking his shots and got the takedown after pressing Reyes against the Cage. Once the fight went to the ground Elliott went to work looking for the rear naked choke. Reyes fought for as long as he could but fell victim to the ground and pound. Elliott Untalan takes the win in his PXC debut.

Jared Mellon handled business against Derrick Mead in the 8th fight of the night. Mellon used his reach to feel Mead out. After a quick exchange, Mellon found an opening and went it in for the takedown. Mead looked a little inexperienced on the ground and Jared capitalized on his opportunity getting his back and landed some shots. Mellon forced Mead to tap after landing several unanswered shots.

Micah Tobias made his long awaited appearance back into the PXC to face Ronnie Borja in the first of 2 main event fights of the night. Tobias known for his punching power and effectiveness from the clinch came into the fight undefeated. Ronnie Borja fresh off a win in the last PXC had a big following of supporters in the house. From the sound of the bell both fighters let their hands go and tested each other's leg kicks. It was a pretty even fight when it went to the ground with both guys getting a little taste of the ground and pound. Tobias was able to open a cut over the eye of Borja, which could have posed a threat if he was able to land more staples from the mount. Ronnie reversed the action and started to land some shots picking up points as the round came to an end. With the 3rd and final round about to get underway Tobias would not be able to answer the sound of the bell, awarding Borja the win.

In the 135-pound title fight Justin "The Shocker" Cruz and Josh Alvarez picked up where they left off in their last fight. Both guys came out throwing with bad intentions. Alvarez looking to keep the fight standing and keeping his distance. Josh did seem to have better take down defense this time around but it was still not enough to keep Justin from getting in and eventually taking the fight to the ground.

The Shocker worked his game plan to perfection again, mixing it up with boxing, using leg kicks and jabs to get and secure takedowns. On the ground Justin seemed to be the more comfortable fighter working the control and landing shots. After 5 rounds of back and forth exchanging, Justin "The Shocker" Cruz was crowned Guam's first 135-pound Champion with the unanimous decision win.