Guam - At precisely 11 am this morning a United States Air Force b-52 bomber flew over the Governor's Complex at Adelup, signifying the start of Veterans Day ceremonies.  Hundreds gathered to honor the 26 million veterans of our country.

Governor Felix Camacho said, "We are forever grateful to our veterans for their selfless service to allow us to live in a community that is free. Guahan's veterans are part of a proud legacy that continues to inspire future generations as active and productive members of our society we appreciate the many ways they give back to our community we acknowledge the many ways that out way of life exists because of their sacrifice and we renew our commitment to ensure that our veterans receive the services they deserve on this veterans day we celebrate they achievements we honor their service and we salute them and their families forever."

Johnny Atulai Taitano, a proud vet, he told KUAM News, "It brings a little closure to the fact as we serve when I was nineteen I was a Navy corpsman with the Marines, that's why I consider myself more of a Marine than a sailor. When I look back at the four years I served they were the best four years of my life I would give them up for anything."

Asked about his feelings for the day, he responded, "It's happy, bittersweet and very touching."