Guam - Even before the last precinct was tabulated, the Republican gubernatorial team of senators Eddie Calvo and Ray Tenorio was claiming victory as the candidates and their supporters broke out in song and dance.  They may have been up for more than 24 hours, but Calvo and Tenorio were wide awake this morning when 57 of 58 of the island's precincts had been tabulated.

Announced as the island's new governor and lieutenant governor, Calvo and Tenorio took the stage, flanked by their families and thanking supporters for being by their side along the campaign trail over the last two years.  "The Good Lord has brought us the best - the best supporters any movement or team could have. Thank you Lord, and thank all of you all. I want to thank you!" said Calvo exuberantly.

Despite verbal sparring, personal attacks and negative campaign ads, Calvo acknowledged his opponent, saying, "I also want to thank and congratulate our opponent, Governor Carl Gutierrez and Senator Frank Aguon. They ran spirited campaign and they brought thousands of voters and supporters with them as well."

Calvo stressed that with the great change that will come upon the island, now is the time for the people to come together and unite as one.  "It is so vitally important that all of us that all of us embrace those people that just hours or so we were against," he announced. "We are one people and as this new take a look at this light that is coming upon us as this new morning comes on our island people; it is so vitally important as things come about and much change happens and many influences from the United States, Japan; not only political - but economic, but social.  When all the forces coming our island that our people become color blind to what ever campaign there was in the past."

The team is ready to hit the ground running to lead the island in a new direction.  Over the next few weeks, governor-elect Calvo and lieutenant governor-elect Tenorio will meet with the Camacho Administration to begin working on the transition.  Governor Felix Camacho's planners have already begun compiling issues facing the government agencies, as well as financial information. 

Calvo says he intends to use that information and bring the community together in realizing the Guamanian Dream for everyone.

The GEC's board of directors will meet at 5pm today to determine if there will, in fact, be a recount. Board policy is that if the margin is less than 2%, a recount will be done.  It's unclear though whether that will be a hand recount or putting the ballots through the tabulating machines for a second time.