Guam - Although it's Election Day, thousands of residents gathered at the island's cemeteries today for All Souls Day. It's a tradition that brings together the island's Catholic community to honor and remember their loved ones that have passed on.

Barbara Flores told KUAM News she used today, "To celebrate my grandma and show that we still care for her and that this special day really means something to us."  Norma Camacho added,"My mother passed away about six 6 years ago and we come here every year to make sure that we remember her."

"He died at 2008 [sic], but I'm used to it because its something I was doing it for my dad," shared Doris Taitague.  "It's just something I can't do anymore for my dad, so I do it for my husband now."  And Mike Duenas said, "We're here celebrating the death of my mom and my dad and honoring the people that died for life and we are here to share it with my family and friends."