Guam - The third time apparently wasn't the charm for the Attorney General's Office, as the agency moved to have the criminal case filed against Luis Seagraves thrown out yet again.

In July 1996, police found Michelle Limtiaco brutally murdered, stabbed to death at the old Guam Memorial Hospital.  Police found a gruesome crime scene and linked her murder to drugs.  High profile names and drugs debts that were allegedly owed surfaced after her death.  The case in '96 was thrown out at the request of then-chief prosecutor Steven Maxwell. 

In 2003, Seagraves was charged again, but that indictment was thrown out before the case made it to trial because the prosecution had failed to provide exculpatory evidence to the grand jury.

In 2006, charges were brought again for a third time and Seagraves was picked up by the Nicaraguan National Police and brought back to answer to the charges with his uncle, Arthur, who eventually signed a cooperation agreement in exchange for the dismissal of charges.

Superior Court Judge Michael Bordallo granted the defense's motion to suppress Luis' statements that he made to police when he was first arrested back in 1996.  The judge found that police held him for too long without magistrating him and continued interviews despite his requests for a lawyer.  The AG's Office eventually moved to have the case dismissed without prejudice, which means if they are able to gather more evidence they can pursue the case for a fourth time.

Luis Seagraves' bail was exonerated and he was released from any pre-trial conditions.