Guam - The Government of Guam Retirement Fund board of directors' chairman has plenty to say about the practice of public sector workers who cash out their leave pay by resigning for a single day. He believes the practice allows employees to double-dip.

Chairman and former Department of Administration director Joe T. San Agustin believes the government is paying double for employee's services when they cash out annual leave and resign for a day.  "Leave is supposed to be away from the job if you cash is out you are actually being paid twice double because you are back on the job and you are supposed to be on leave status and you being paid twice."

While DOA allows the practice - as was evidenced by the recent one day resignation of Public Health director J. Peter Roberto, who had to go through the confirmation process a second time, as well as DOA director Lou Perez and Rev & Tax director Art Ilagan - San Agustin says it just doesn't seem legal. "These people seem to be using it as a revolving door and I don't understand how they can do that legally," he explained.

"That was the old system and now apparently something is wrong in this system; I feel this is wrong what they doing," he added.

According to records obtained from the Department of Administration, eight other government employees did the same thing this year.  Since 1992, 346 employees have cashed out their annual leave pay by resigning for a day. San Agustin says the government used to force the employee to reapply for their job and use the leave time they were paid for.

He explained, "That leave that you took, if you took a 30-day leave you have to exhaust that leave of 30 days before, you are eligible to come back."