Guam - The Attorney General's Office is responding to comments made by local veterinarian Dr. Joel Joseph. Joseph claimed that the AG's Office was involved in an alleged cover up of the Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners. According to a release issued by the AG's Office, that agency is not engaged in any cover-up at all.

In addition, it states that David Highsmith, as a former ethics prosecutor, has been professionally responsible in the performance of his duties and job as the assistant attorney general. The local veterinarian claims that there are allegations of possible felony or fraud directed to the chairperson of the board, Maime Balajadia.

He further questions whether these acts were committed with the approval and support of the Guam Attorney General's Office. He says Highsmith responded to the Freedom of Information Act request, saying the government will be exercising its right to extend the time to respond to the request because "the records are voluminous and parts of them may be privileged.'

Dr. Joseph says Highsmith is the attorney for the board and claims that his opinions and actions are clouded and biased.

The release issued by the AG's Office further states that AG John Wisenberger and the office take seriously allegations made by Dr. Joseph and invite him to make contact with its investigators of the Prosecution Division.