Guam - Members of the public, the Department of Parks & Recreation and the Guam State Historic Preservation Office should have an opportunity to provide input on the Programmatic Agreement being developed with the Navy. Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy on Environment Donald Schregardus was supposed to be on island this week but postponed until next week when he is expected to conduct a public meeting and meet with the consulting parties. 

The SHPO requested the Navy host a public meeting before finalizing and signing the PA and also remove language in the agreement that refers to Route 15 and Pagat being utilized for firing ranges.

Guam State Historic Preservation Officer Lynda Aguon said, "We want the process to be completed as soon as possible; it should have been completed a while back. The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation was very displeased with the movement of the Record of Decision before the Programmatic Agreement was in place."

The SHPO is also concerned about the Department of Defense's commitment to fund cumulative effects on Guam, as the DoD has only agreed to seek congressional approval for $5 million to support construction of a Guam museum and cultural center.  Schregardus is expected to be on island next week and the date of the public meeting has yet to be announced.