Guam - The annual Strides for the Cure walk/run event is coming up.  The community event helps raise awareness about Guam overcoming cancer.

Coordinator Donna Ysrael-Baker, who herself beat breast cancer, told KUAM Sports, "We decided it was important for people to know you could get breast cancer when you are young. I was 32 years old when I was told I was too young to get breast cancer and that ended up being untrue. When we came back we found out that 20 year olds and 18 year olds were getting breast cancer. We wanted to raise awareness on Guam for the people of Guam and teach them how to prevent even the chance of getting any kind of cancer by diet and exercise."

The 5K is set for tomorrow morning with showtime at 5:15 am and go time at 6:00 am in front of the Outrigger Guam Resort.

Baker added, "In the States everything becomes pink.  Buildings become pink, they change your lights, the entire hospital staff starts wearing pink and woman have done a really great job at realizing that to raise awareness and detour cancer risk in the future that we need to tell the woman about it. They've really painted the month of October pink so coincided really well with my diagnosis in coming back and doing the race in October.

"October is not just about breast cancer, it's also about prostate cancer and a lot of men go, how come women get so much TV time and how come everyone knows all about breast cancer and what about prostate cancer. We would love men to stand up and talk about prostate cancer, a lot of men don't want to talk about it but women we are not afraid to talk about our breast because we know how important it is to stay alive and stay healthy and the lives of our families."