Guam - Saying the government is beyond going back to the negotiation table for health insurance, Governor Felix Camacho isn't backing down on the contract he signed while off-island.  While some lawmakers have sought a legal opinion on the governor signing the contract while in California, the governor says bring it on if they want to continue questioning the validity of the agreement. 

Instead, he says a new funding source will have to be identified to come up with $16 million the Government of Guam needs to pay for contributions through the fiscal year.  "If they don't agree with me well fine do something about if they want to take it to court, fine.  It's already been resolved," said Camacho.

He continued, "I know that we have got enough certainly to cover the balance of this administration as you have a new governor coming in a new administration by January its something they are the new legislature are going to have to work out, which says this is not merely something that needs to be punted back to the executive branch but rather they have to that a holistic approach and we need to find new revenue sources if anything."