Guam - The Guam Visitors Bureau is celebrating its 40th anniversary today. To celebrate the occasion, the agency is throwing a huge fiesta at Skinner Plaza in Hagatna. The celebration features entertainment on two outdoor stages, cultural dance performances, a passport to Guam's villages contest and 19 village booths offering unique products and food.

GVB deputy general manager Ernie Galito said, "We're expecting to have a lot of village participation. There's going to be some displays. The tabletop displays are going to be by the village mayors to show what makes each village unique, different products. We're going to have a three-foot tall birthday cake we want to have everyone to see.

"We're going to have two stages. One stage we're going to have cultural dancing, the other stage we're going to have contemporary bands such as Bigger-n-Bettah and The Service Entrance. Plus, we're going to commemorate some of the early pioneers of the Guam Visitors Bureau."

The event concludes at 9pm tonight. So make sure to check it out.