Guam - Even though the contract was cleared by the island's attorney general, evidently the acting governor thinks there's still hope when it comes to renegotiating the Government of Guam's rates for health insurance.  The contract was already signed by Governor Felix Camacho while he was in California.

Acting Governor Mike Cruz engaged in an interview with KUAM News:

KUAM: What is your reaction to the governor signing the healthcare plan?

Cruz: I ask you not to ask certain questions that keep getting asked by your group.  

KUAM: What is your reaction to Governor Camacho signing the healthcare plan?

Cruz: He's the governor.

KUAM: Do you think that it's legal?

[Staffers intervene, getting in front of the camera].

KUAM: Do you think that his signing the health plan is legal?

Cruz: He's the governor. 

[Staffer pushes KUAM's crew out of the way]

Cruz says he still feels that more affordable rates can be negotiated and believes the Guam Legislature can make that happen.  While some have questioned the validity of Governor Camacho's signature on the contract while he was in California, the AG said it was in fact legal and urged the signing of the health insurance contract.

Meanwhile, governor's deputy chief of staff Shawn Gumataotao says the Administration is confident money has been identified to pay for the health insurance contract.