Guam - A pre-hearing conference is scheduled tomorrow at the Office of the Public Auditor relative to an appeal filed by Harbor Centre against the Port Authority of Guam.  They're saying the Port violated Guam law and jeopardized the integrity of the procurement process for the performance management contract when the evaluation committee was allowed to take bid packets home.

In a filing Monday, Harbor Centre attorney Rawlen Mantanona declared that Chief Procurement Officer Claudia Acfalle admitted to him in July that neither she nor any of her staff were provided the opportunity to observe the entirety of the procurement process as required under Guam law.  In fact, she never even received an invitation for the day the bids were to be evaluated. She sent a designee to observe anyway, but he informed her that there was no evaluation to be observed, they'd already been conducted, and he had only observed the ranking of submittals.

That pre-hearing conference is scheduled for 9 o'clock tomorrow morning on the 9th floor of the DNA Building in Hagatna.