Guam - The attorney for the plaintiffs in the Government of Guam's amended permanent injunction case is extremely critical of a plan of action submitted by the federal management team.  Calling it "a deeply flawed plan", Attorney Daniel Somerfleck is concerned that the plan doesn't clearly define who will be impacted by it. 

As well, he questions the need for a center that's been deemed a one-stop shop for individuals with disabilities.  "Building the big building," he said, adding, "in doing that are we doing inclusion for the community or are we basically saying this is the building for the disabled people they all l go there."

"I would hate to see December come and a call for $13 million and to build a building that I don't know really we need to build. I think there's a lot of crunches coming upon us in the next few months," he said.

The federal management team has until next week to respond to the various concerns raised, as Somerfleck says there wasn't much input from consumers or other stakeholders.  Additionally he's concerned that the team failed to recognize some of the successes that have been made in the past.