Guam - While Governor Felix Camacho is expected to sign the Government of Guam's health insurance plan later this week when he returns from an off-island trip, Acting Governor Mike Cruz is seeking answers from Calvo's SelectCare, the only company that responded to the government's request for proposal for insurance services for employees and retirees. 

In a letter to plan administrator Frank Campillo the acting governor is asking the insurance company to voluntarily disclose specific information relative to the government's health insurance plan administered by Calvo's SelectCare.  Cruz has asked that the company disclose medical loss ratios, medical denial rates, and administrative costs for the last three fiscal years. 

Cruz stated, "I ask that you immediately and publicly disclose the data requested...doing so will allow our people to fully consider the merits of these new costs and make the best choice for their families."  The acting governor's letter was sent hours after he met with Speaker Judi Won Pat and Senator Frank Blas, Jr.  The former policymaker has asked the administration not to signoff on the new insurance plan, saying the parties should be locked in a room and forced to re-negotiate the terms of the rates before being allowed out. 

The latter said he, too, is trying to determine why there's a rush to get the new plan signed when the previous year's plans went unsigned as well.  Calvo's SelectCare has said the new rates reflect higher utilization rates during the last year as well as the cost of new mandates imposed by the Obama Health Reform Act. 

Open Enrollment for government retirees and employees ended on Monday and the new plan is set to take effect this Friday, October 1. 

Governor's Chief of Staff George Bamba has questioned why there is opposition to the rates that were negotiated more than two months ago as the government hired an actuary to review the numbers presented by Calvo's SelectCare.  Bamba said the new rates were deemed justified and that every branch of the government was represented on the negotiating team.