Guam - With the U.S. Department of Education intending to reclaim 80 acres of land known as the Marbo Property in Yigo, the Camacho Administration is defending the need for the property for future purposes. Acting Governor Mike Cruz says, "We must not assume that unused land is the equivalent of unneeded land. The years ahead will change our island in ways we cannot fully anticipate today. There will be a need for more schools, new facilities for our institutions of higher learning, and other educational endeavors.   

"We will continue to discuss this matter with all stakeholders and work with U.S. DOE. However, as we look at land not being used by our local government, we should also look at land that hasn't been used by the federal government since World War II."

GovGuam had intended to use the property to build a new high school there using the same concept as the other northern schools, but the plan to build it never came to fruition.