Guam - Attending this morning's press conference at the Guam Legislature in which senators voiced their thoughts on the signing of the Record of Decision was Democratic gubernatorial candidate Carl Gutierrez. Like Speaker Judi Won Pat, the former governor contends the military already knew what they wanted and that Guam's leaders must now come together.

Gutierrez said, "They got their ROD and the federal government knows exactly what they want.  They always have their ace in the hole; if you're not going to lease us the land at Pagat, we're eventually going to come in and take it by eminent domain.  We are already at the short end of the stick. Today's call for all leaders to come together and stand as Team Guam.

"I think is the first step necessary for us to at the least counter some of these items that are coming down from the military at their own call, because it's not Guam, one team standing up."