Guam - Members of the 30th Guam Legislature gathered in solidarity this morning to present their reaction to the signing of the Record of Decision.  Although the document was signed Tuesday, it wasn't posted online until this morning.

Senator Judi Guthertz said, "We the members of the 30th Guam Legislature have consistently and continue to oppose any use of additional land and any use of eminent domain or land condemnation by the U.S. Government to acquire land we are united and we insist the military stay within their existing footprint."

Senator Frank said, "I stand here as a member of this legislative body joining my colleagues in the legislature recognizes that yes in order to be true partners in this relationship with the military buildup we will take care of the portion of the organic growth, the normal growth, but Uncle Sam, we need your support we need it fast we need it quick."

Senator Tom Ada added, "The ROD defines a definite course of action that will now occur as a result of the move to relocate Marines to Guam.  Notwithstanding some definition in the course of action, there's still a lot of vagueness with respect to funding with needed capital improvements for our roads and our utilities."  

Meanwhile, Republicans like Senator Frank Blas, Jr. said that Guam's longstanding issues need to be addressed.  He said, "These continues to be issues unresolved that are issues continue to being ignored but are issues that we're not going to permit them to sweep under the rug we will continue to insist that and demand that they address."

Senator Jim Espaldon said, "What it comes down to this again there's no funding for all this there's been no commitment from our federal government there's been a lot of words as I've said in the past words are cheap lets see some real action.  I hope going forward we'll be able to engage in a real partnership with the federal government and the DoD in making sure things happen if not then we could be in for some real trying times."

Senator Ray Tenorio said, "The DoD action from here on must reflect a good faith effort to work with the people of Guam.  Our sons and daughter fathers and forefathers have sacrifice greatly over the years in defense of American values and we have earned the respect of American family and military and at this point we must defend the value of that sacrifice."

The legislature is planning to hold a ROD ("Realizing Our Destiny") rally next week Friday, with the location to be announced.