Guam - U.S. Department of Education officials are on island to meet with local leaders. According to senior consultant under the risk management services division Christine Jackson, they're here on island alongside with third-party fiduciary agent Alvarez and Marsal to meet with the Guam Department of Education to outline the duties and responsibilities when it comes to managing millions of dollars through A&M.

While the Governor's Office has said that DOE wasn't properly complying with reporting requirements set forth by the feds, Jackson says the department has been providing data on a weekly basis as required by stipulations. As for whether DOE has what it takes to get off of a high-risk grantee status, Jackson says they would still need to address major concerns outlined in the revised Corrective Action Plan and adopt processes set forth by the third-party.

She says the decision would be made based upon on how quickly and effectively DOE is able to address these major concerns. She says she remains confident that with the willingness to make changes, the financial management at doe will improve.

Jackson, along with senior consultant Mark Robinson, will be leaving to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands on Wednesday. Officials will be back on Guam on Thursday and hope to meet with members of the 30th Guam Legislature.