Guam - A representative from the American Federation of Teachers arrives on island on Tuesday. Western Regional Director Sol Smith will be on Guam to conduct an investigation into a number of things involving the Guam Federation of Teachers. 

Former GFT steward Carol Somerfleck says she will be meeting with Smith on Friday to discuss several of her concerns. Somerfleck has questioned the election of delegates to the recent aft convention that took place in July. She does say the AFT representative had assured her that he would be looking into the transparency of the GFT leadership, along with the conduct of all union matters to include its finances and how elections are conducted.

Somerfleck says a membership meeting was held on September 29, where she was told that Smith would be presenting his findings there. Somerfleck, along with GFT members from Agana Heights Elementary School, has submitted amendments to the GFT Executive Council. The group proposes that an individual would have to be a part of a bargaining unit and pay dues in order to run for office. These were similar amendments submitted by Guam Community College professor Barry Mead.

In the meantime, Somerfleck encourages all GFT members to attend the membership meeting next week to have their voices heard.