Guam - The Guam Boonie Stompers discovered that the Pagat trailhead sign erected in cooperation with the Department of Parks & Recreation has been vandalized. According to president Dave Lotz, the sign was taken apart and many other signs which were placed beside the trailhead had disappeared.

He said, "If you take a closer look, you'll notice that the support is missing. The post was pulled out but the support is tossed into the boonies. But I think what's rather disturbing that shows a clear disrespect by some the individuals through about the first amendment rights-the rights of free speech, the signs that say 'No Military Buildup' or 'No Marines'. Those signs have been disappearing."

Lotz says people should respect not only public property, but Guam's cultural heritage and the opinions expressed by others. The sign was installed back in April to identify the public access to Pagat, which has become the focal point regarding controversy of the buildup on Guam.