Guam - A federal investigation is underway as the U.S. Homeland Security investigations office believes Guam Construction Company is committing fraud, misusing visas and permits, and harboring illegal aliens. Warrants were executed in the last week at the company's Route 25 road reconstruction project office and the main office in Harmon. 

According to an affidavit submitted to the District Court by Homeland Security Investigation's Special Agent Brent Tablan, the investigation was launched in August of last year. The feds received complaints that Guam Construction Company President Byong Hee Kang and Manager Antonia Bautista were recruiting and hiring alien workers in the Philippines obtaining H2b visas through fraudulent means. 

They allegedly brought skilled laborers like engineers, architects and electricians to Guam but listed them as lower paying laborer professions. Surveillance revealed that the company is employing some H2b workers whose visas have expired.  Some workers were even seen working on military construction projects on Andersen Air Force Base. 

Special agents seized dozens of files from the offices as the matter remains under investigation.