Guam - If you're traveling along Guam's roadways, you can expect some delays as road work continues throughout the island. Fortunately, many of the projects - notably those in Barrigada are nearing completion.  

Construction work is ongoing at the Wusstig Road intersection along Route 1 in Yigo. Travel lanes are restricted to one lane for northbound and southbound directions. Only right turns are allowed at that intersection. You're advised to merge into the thru lanes early and to reduce speeds in the construction area. 

Next there's work along Route 25,as construction work continues for the drainage improvements on Alageta Road between Kalamasa Drive and Route 26. This section is closed to all but local traffic. Follow detour signs that direct traffic on Kalamasa Street and Ahau Street. Reduce speeds in the area.

Then there's work along Route 4 from McDonald's to Route 10. Construction work continues on Route 4 at the Tutujan intersection. Travel lanes are restricted to one lane in each direction. Follow construction signs and merge early into the through traffic lanes.

Next, anticipate delays on the routes 8/10/16 tri-intersection. Traffic lanes continue to be restricted to one lane in all directions. Anticipate delays and increased travel time. Find alternate routes and car pool.

Lastly, expect some traffic along Route 16 (the Barrigada Post Office intersection). Construction work in the center of the road is nearing completion and travel lanes have been returned to normal conditions. Follow signs and reduce speeds.