Guam - This year's flu shots arrived ahead of schedule. Doctors are encouraging the public to get their flu shots as the new school year has started and people are already coming to the clinics with flu like symptoms. This year's vaccine also contains the H1N1 vaccine.

Dr. Vince Akimoto of American Medical Clinic said extensive studies have shown those who receive their flu shot miss fewer days of work and school and are protected from other serious illnesses, as well.  "Right now, we just got the flu vaccine last week this is kind of record time, I think across the nation the availability of the shot is much better than its ever been and this year's shot includes the H1N1 vaccine, so the best time to get it is now before we get more flus coming through."

And for those who are afraid of getting the vaccine because you think you will become sick, Dr. Akimoto quickly busts that myth.   "It's important to know that maybe 4% of people are going to get flu-like symptoms for two or three days afterwards, but 96% of the people aren't going to get sick its protect against phenomena.  It protects against the more serious consequences of having the flu-like asthma, so we think the risk is worth whatever potential harm. 

"Many people though also get sick just from coming to the doctor's office to get the flu shot so working with your doctor, your clinic to come in quickly get the shot and come out is totally possible and working with the nurses to make sure you can get your shot quickly."

Dr. Akimoto says the best time to get your flu shot is in the evening, when fewer patients are in the waiting room.