Guam - He managed to obtain three associate degrees, father several children, and was detailed to work at Guam Homeland Security and the Department of Corrections Director's office - all while serving time in prison for murder.  Today, another Parole Board meeting was held for convicted murder Anthony Duenas.   

Duenas has been in jail now for 26 years since he murdered his wife Melissa Quinata, and today marked another year he requested for parole, and another year his children had to appear, asking that it be denied.  "It breaks my heart that I have to be reminded about how my mother was murdered," said Patricia Camacho, "and the pain that she endured with her marriage with my father."

During her tearful testimony, Camacho asked the board to deny her father's parole request. She told members she visited her father last night before today's hearing.  "I asked him, 'Why did you do what you did?'  He responded, 'I was young and dumb' and that was really not the response I was expecting.  What message is my father trying to give to our youth today?  That being young and dumb that can give you the privilege to take a person's life away and be paroled?" she stated.

Also testifying against his parole was the victim's aunt, Barbara Paulino. A parent and educator she says Duenas never apologized, never got on his knees and begged forgiveness from her family.  "He continues to believe his lies he believes that he didn't mean to kill my niece," she said.  "He loaded the gun, he picked it up, he aimed the gun to Melissa's head, pulled the trigger and shot her point blank."

We should note that no one showed up to testify that Duenas' request for parole should be granted.