Guam - Today was the deadline for senatorial and gubernatorial candidates to submit their responses to a survey by The Esperansa Project.  The survey contains 17 questions on abortion, same sex unions, divorce and the non-marital birth rate.

Dr. Marjorie De Benedictis with the organization, which is comprised of group of concerned citizens advocating for traditional family values and the rights of the unborn, says at least 15 surveys came back, including one with a letter attached from Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz, who took the opportunity to ask the group to look beyond the question of abortion and to step forward and provide homes to those of Guam's children who have neither homes nor family lives.

"So we hope that if we can address other issues important to child welfare that would be great but we're a small group, we're a small grassroots and so we can only tackle so much. But we do what we can," she said.

The group will be compiling their responses and will release it to the public.