by Breanna Lai, for KUAM News

Guam - Tired of seeing abandoned vehicles filling up our jungle?  Daniel Chu of Global Recycling definitely is.  For over six years he's been operating the Global Recycling Center in Dededo, accepting metallic waste and abandoned vehicles free of charge. 

Originally, Global Recycling was only accepting metallic waste, but many people were coming to the center with white goods, which include any domestic appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, or dryers.  Because of the demand in properly disposing of white goods, Chu now accepts these major appliances for a small fee of $10 per item to cover shipping costs.

"Most of the population of Guam is in Dededo," he told KUAM News, "as easy as that, people coming with the white goods and you don't except it, what are they going to do, are they going to bring it home, I think 50% of people don't bring it home, they find a wood area and just dump it there."

Most of the recyclables are sent to Taiwan where they are effectively reused. Chu said on average they ship between six to ten 20-foot containers a week at about $1,000 each.  "The whole world needs to recycle, we don't want to use up all the sources of the material, so recycling becomes, getting more important, of course you don't want your son or your grandson to stay at a place with all your junk around, you don't want that kind of life," he explained,

Chu wants to do more for the community in terms of what materials he can accept for recycling.  "We have to first educate people starting to recycle, people knows recycle, but they need a place, a convenient place to let them do it," he said.

Chu is thinking green - he says as long as he has enough knowledge he will provide whatever service people want.